Parent Communication

Daily and Weekly Communication

Each classroom has individual ways to promote daily communication with parents, depending on the age of the children.  It is helpful for teachers to hear about information that could affect a child’s day within the classroom – for example, if the child hasn’t slept well, if there is a change in pick up time, if a parent is away on business, etc.

Weekly reflections on the curriculum and learning will be emailed to parents.  Teachers may also post summaries of the day’s events, information about upcoming happenings, or other information about child engagement.  Teachers of younger children also give Daily Sheets to parents summarizing care-giving details. Teachers of older children may leave notes in cubbies or mailboxes, send them by email, or communicate in person about the child’s individual day. Staff will be writing regular newsletters to the families, shared by email.

Finally, when children or families do not speak English, the school will find ways to communicate with the family and work to support the child’s English language learning.

Parent Teacher Conferences and Progress Reports

Parents are invited to set up a conference with a classroom teacher or the Director at any time regarding the Center or their child’s development. In addition, the Center designates time during both the fall and spring semesters for parent conferences.  Progress reports are written in January and May so that the teachers can include information shared by the parents at the earlier conferences, as well as the goals set by parents and the teacher together and to update parents on further progress.  For infant families, we offer conference opportunities and reports are written four times per year.  We encourage families to sign up during these times. If at any time a parent, teacher or Director believes it is necessary, an additional conference will be held. We are best able to support your child and family when we are all working together.

Parent Questions, Concerns and Comments

Our hope is that the Center will flourish in an atmosphere of open communication and that all who are involved will bring a spirit of trust in our ability to be a strong and generous community.  Along with the pieces we put in place for regular communication from the staff, we want parents to feel they can communicate with us easily when they have concerns about their children, their child’s participation in the program, or other matters concerning the center.  We are happy to arrange a time with teachers and/or directors to discuss any center matters.  Our door is always open!