Facts at a Glance

Ages, Programs and Ratios

The Williams College Children’s Center serves the children of college and community families from the ages of six weeks through pre-school as well as after-school care for elementary-aged children.

We offer year-round, full-time and part-time programs and are open from 8:00 AM to 5:15 PM.

We are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care to serve 90 children

Ages of Children as of September 1:

  • Infants: (6 wks – 15 months)                              Minimum Staff: Child Ratio    2:7
  • Toddlers: (15 mo. – 2 years, 11 mo.)                   Minimum Staff: Child Ratio    2:9
  • Preschool 1: (3 years – 3 years, 11 mo.)              Minimum Staff: Child Ratio    2:13
  • Preschool 2: (4 years – School Age)                   Minimum Staff: Child Ratio    2:18
  • After School: (School Age – 12 years)               Minimum Staff: Child Ratio    2:18

We work to staff our classrooms with the following numbers of teachers:

  • Infants – three teachers to seven infants
  • Toddlers – three teachers to nine younger toddlers
  • Pre-school 1 – three teachers to thirteen younger pre-school children
  • Pre-School 2 – three teachers to eighteen older pre-school children
  • School Age – three teachers to eighteen elementary aged children for out-of-school time programming


Schedule Options

  • Infants, toddlers and pre-school children may attend full or part-week for full day care
  • Pre-school children may also attend half days, either from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM or from 12:30 PM to 5:15 PM
  • School Age children attend from 3:15 to 5:15 during the school year, including earlier hours on Wednesday to accommodate the WES early dismissal at 1:30.
  • We offer full-time programming to school age children during WES winter and spring vacations.


Tuition and Calendar


Educators and Administration

  • The infant, toddler, pre-school and school age classrooms each have a lead teacher, and two teachers who work as a collaborative team designing curriculum and supporting the care and education of the children
  • All School Age teachers also work as resource teachers for the rest of the program during the earlier parts of the day
  • We employ Williams student workers and have various student volunteers

Our teachers are dedicated to providing quality programs to children and their families.  They have extensive knowledge of early education and care principles and solid backgrounds in developmentally appropriate practice.  Their collaborative teams create project based curriculum that is responsive to children’s interests and strengths as well as preparing children for future learning.  Our teachers enthusiastically participate in school-wide staff inquiry and development.

The administrative team consists of Director, Carrie Gagne, and Assistant Director, Aja Daugherty, and Administrative Coordinator, Carol Rydell.

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